My name is Christine Mather...

The Pooch Waggin'

​​I have been in the grooming industry for 11 years as a shop owner and groomer.  I came upon this occupation as a result of my love of dogs and people. With the support of my husband and family, I have had the opportunity to follow my passion and excel in a field doing what I love.

Having grown up with dogs, we currently have 3.... and they are the models for my business!  The little terrier is Swiffer, yes, like the mop!  He is a 8 year old Affenpinscer and is quite possibly the most complex creature we have ever had, but such a character!  Boogie is the black lab/pit mix.  We rescued him 4 years ago.  He is quite the athlete but when home loves nothing more than to burrow under the covers and hope he doesn't get found!  Where do we even start with Carol?!?  She is a Catahoula Leopard Dog.  She is 2 years old, born on Christmas Eve, so her full name is actually Christmas Carol!  She is an absolute love, has no idea how big she is, and pretty much rules the house.

In addition to our canine kids, we also have 2 cats.  Zach is a 7 year old solid black DSH whom we rescued back in 2008.  His purr is so loud the vets have trouble hearing his heartbeat!  Then there is little Brubeck.  He is a 6 year old red Abyssinian.   He is just the tiniest, sweetest little creature who can do no wrong.

Think it stops there?  Nope!  We also have 3 horses.  Negra is a 34 year old quarter horse that I brought back from Colorado with me 15 years ago where she was my guide horse on a dude ranch.  She's up there in age, but still willing to go out for a relaxing trail ride with the dogs!  Then there is Beautiful Dreamer, my 4 year old Connemara Pony.  We've been learning a lot together through natural horsemanship, trail rides, and even some versatility.  Hopefully this year we'll try some jumping!  Last but not least is our newest addition, another Connemara Pony, Watson - he's just 10 months old, so we're still learning his personality but what a little cutie!  Pictures to come of him!  The barn is my home away from home with these beautiful creatures.